Selected projects:

“Spun” by Rabiah Hussain. Silk Road Institute at Centaur Theatre. Stage Manager.

“Eva in Rio” by Gabe Maharjan. Playground Productions at Montreal Arts, Interculturels. Stage Manager, Production Manager, Lighting Designer.

“Reaching for Starlight” by Donna-Michelle St Bernard. Geordie Theatre at D.B. Clarke Theatre. Apprentice Stage Manager.

“How Black Mothers Say I Love You” by Trey Anthony. Black Theatre Workshop at Centaur Theatre. Apprentice Stage Manager.

“A User’s Guide to ‘Authenticity is a Feeling'” by Jacob Wren. PME-Art at Various Locations (La Chapelle- Montreal, Inkonst- Malmo, FFT-Juta- Dusseldorf). Production Manager, Technical Director.

“Night Cows” by Jovette Marchessault. Mooncow Productions at Montreal, Arts Interculturels. Production Manager.

“Rendez-Vous With Home” by Djennie Laguerre. Black Theatre Workshop at various locations (School Tour, Montreal, Arts Interculturels). Apprentice Stage Manager.


Just For Laughs Festival 2019 (Stage and Venue Manager)

Festival TransAmerique 2019 (Stage Technician)

Just For Laughs Festival 2018 (Talent Runner, Stage and Venue Manager)

St Ambroise Montreal Fringe Festival 2018 (Roving Venue Manager)

Just For Laughs Festival 2017 (Talent Runner, Assistant Stage Manager- TV Taping)