Theatre and I go a long way back. I got into performance and the performing arts when I was a wee scamp and my parents decided I was too loud and too energetic to not be on stage. As a kid I did it all— dance lessons, vocal training, acting in school productions. When I was around 16 years old, I had an amazing Theatre Arts teacher who opened my eyes to the world of Theatre Production and Technical work. She showed us how to set up Fresnels and Parcans on a Stand with 4-channel dimmer packs and my life hasn’t been the same since.

In 2014 I moved from Dubai to Montreal to attend McGill University. I spent three years doing a Bachelor of Arts in English Drama and Theatre with minors in Linguistics and Philosophy. During my time there I got involved in theatre production in every way I could. I volunteered my time at both of the student theatres, Players’ Theatre and Tuesday Night Cafe Theatre, as a Stage Manager, Props Master, Carpenter, and Board Operator. I also did the only two production classes you could do and worked as a Scenic Painter, Stagehand, and Stage Manager on big productions at the English Department’s Proscenium Theatre, Moyse Hall.

In 2017 upon graduating I applied and was accepted into the Black Theatre Workshop’s Artist Mentorship Program as a Stage Manager. Under the brilliant mentorship of Danielle Skene I worked as an SM and Apprentice SM at multiple Theatres across Montreal. It was also upon graduating that I realized I wanted to widen my scope to include Production Management, and Lighting Design.

I’ve now worked on dozens of productions across Montreal and was lucky enough, in 2018, to go on tour with PME-Art as their Production Manager and Technical Director to Sweden and Germany. I hope to continue seeing the world and helping to produce cool, meaningful, and fun performance experiences. I am drawn to work that helps elevate marginalized voices and I gravitate towards themes of belonging, identity, and empowerment.